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In the fall of 2013 the need for a reliable transportation company was needed in the Clinton County area, as the local company was consistently under preforming to provide a quality experience. So with a faith of good fortune the Schuette’s purchased their first bus; a 1998 International school bus turned into a party bus and Shakin Shuttle Party Bus LLC was formed. Their first bus run was on December 21th 2013 for Tina’s Tavern in Jamestown.  As Phillip and Amanda repeatedly strived to offer a great and reliable service the clientele grew as expected. Business continued to be consistent but the summer months were slow due to the fact this school bus did not have air conditioning and was beginning to show its age. Seeing this as a loss of potential business it was decided a newer and nicer bus was needed.  So in May 2016 Shakin Shuttle Party Bus borrowed its first note from Germantown Trust and Savings Bank to purchase a Freightliner Glaval shuttle bus from Nashville, TN. These accommodations made the summer months enjoyable and provided a higher-class of service for weddings, company outings, and much more. After 10 months of the having the newer attractive bus, experienced drivers, and outstanding customer experiences an additional bus was needed to keep up with demand. Therefore in March 2017 Shakin Shuttle purchased their 3rd bus a 2004 Chevy from Southern Bus and Mobility in Breese, IL. Together they turned this Chevy into a party bus and it was ready for its first run on April 10th 2017. In 2018 Phillip and Amanda are celebrating their five-year milestone and still growing their business further than original expectations. Today Shakin Shuttle Party Bus provides transportation for up to 30 passengers with 2 buses for variety of events including weddings, bachelor, bachelorette, Christmas, company, birthday and divorce parties. They also make trips to the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, the scenic river areas of Grafton and Alton, Illinois, high school homecomings and proms, pub-crawls, Marti Gras, Christmas light tours or caroling, and the Fairmount Horse Races in Collinsville. Phillip and Amanda would like to thank our drivers who continuously provide a safe and enjoyable celebration for every passenger. Furthermore we are grateful for our passengers for the opportunity to provide a safe and reliable group transportation service for the Clinton, Madison, Bond and Washington County area.

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