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1. Shakin Shuttle Party Bus LLC. (“SSPB”) is only insured in the State of Illinois, we DO NOT travel out of Illinois.
2. The Contracted rental time starts and ends at the pickup and drop off location chosen by the “Renter”. A fuel charge
is determined by pick up location, and to be paid with amount due at the pickup location. Please ask SSPB if they
did not tell you the pickup charge for your location.
3. Renters must BRING and PLAY their own music through an AUX port; (ex: Ipod, phone, etc).
4. The Renter of a SSPB must be 21 years of age or older and is responsible for all the actions of riders and informing
all riders of the rental contract rules in affect from its designated pickup to drop off location. SSPB, its driver or
designate are not responsible for any underage drinking or illegal activities by its passengers. Any passengers
deem by the driver or designate to be over intoxicated to ride SSPB will be refused to load the bus by the driver or
5. A deposit check or cash of $100.00 must be received within 7 days of making your reservation or the reservation
will be considered canceled. Most deposit checks will be held until after rental date. A rental reserved more than 1
year from dated contract may be cashed. As long as there is full payment for services, no excessive clean up or
property damage the deposit check will be returned within 10 business days following your rental. Any deposit
made less than two weeks prior to the event date must be paid in cash at loading. If reservation is cancelled more
than 60 days before your date, deposit is refunded 100%. Any cancelation less than 60 days before event date is
forfeited to the company. Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for a timely return or check will be shredded.
6. Full payment must be received before the bus will leave the pickup location. A payment can be made with check or
cash in advance, but a check must be received at minimum 14 days prior to your event date, to allow clearing at the
bank. Checks, money orders, credit cards are not accepted as payment on the date of event, CASH ONLY.
7. SSPB makes every attempt to maintain our vehicles and provide you with excellent service. Occasionally things
happen that are beyond our control. Therefore, SSPB is not responsible for delays, cancellations or inconveniences
caused by weather, traffic conditions, mechanical problems, automobile accidents (regardless of fault) or acts of
God. Any time lost will be added to the end of the rental. If we must cancel your rental contract, you agree to hold
SSPB harmless and you acknowledge, understand and agree no liability exists beyond a full refund of your deposit.
Air conditioning/heating does have limitations in extreme temperatures and is affected by passenger load and
frequency of door openings. We will make every attempt to find you replacement if our bus cannot travel safely, but
there are no guarantees due to timing or availability of any given bus. No cash refunds will be given.
8. The rental deposit and contracted bus trip can be surrendered at any time by the SSPB driver or its designate for
the following use, debris, or destruction of SSPB property from but not limited to unsafe acts by its passengers,
weapons, vomit, human feces, Jello/Pudding cups, broken glass, smoking, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, drug use,
bodily fluids, fighting, abusive manner towards the driver or other passengers, leaking coolers. All trash will be
picked up and taken by the renter or its passengers at the drop off location. A $20 trash fee may be charged to the
renter for trash left on or inside the trash can(s).
9. The Renter accepts full responsibility for vehicle damage, counterfeit money, lost, stolen, forgotten items or
additional cleaning needed and is subject to additional charges over $100 deposit for loss of income due to the
renter and or its passengers negligence and the inability for SSPB to offer the same level of service to succeeding
contracted bus runs. The renter authorizes SSPB to charge the guaranteeing credit card on file for all damages plus
any loss of income. If the credit card information is not valid, the renter agrees to make full payment within seven
calendar days.
10. The renter and or the passengers onboard any SSPB agree to pay for any collection expenses and/or attorney fees
and costs associated with SSPB collection efforts and or all legal expense required to enforce and defend this
contract. The renter and its passengers assume all responsibility and litigation for themselves and any passenger(s)
injuries, complaints, or criminal charges attained from riding a SSPB. The renter will assume all civil or legal
litigation against SSPB or its drivers from any occasion originating from riding on SSPB property.
11. The driver will use his sole discretion to provide a safe and reliable service and may refuse any destination or route
they deem unsafe to the bus or passengers. Please inform the driver of your destination when loading.
12. Most certainly have fun and enjoy but please be conscious of your safety and the safety of others.

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